Safety & Health

Our scope is to achieve the highest ethical standards and integrity in the projects protecting the Safety, Security and Health of our employees, partners and clients in the total respect of the environment

To that purpose, each action aims at:
  • protecting the safety of its direct and/or indirect personnel
  • minimizing the risks for the workers and for the environment in all the workplaces
  • supervising periodically the compliance with the measures adopted and propose any revisions
  • intervening in case of necessity through preventive, prompt and/or corrective actions.

The whole staff IREM S.p.A. is self committed to the pursuing of such goals: on the one hand, the Top Management "believes that the application of technical safety and environment regulations, as well as the observance of the regulations in force and the regulations internal to the Company, are essential for preparing the ground for an effective prevention in terms of HSE". On the other hand, HSE Manager's task is to put into effect those policies also in compliance with the current regulations, from the management responsible on the basis of each level of competence, actively involved in the management and in the implementation of HSE Policy up to the employees, motivated and trained to prevent any accident, environmental damages and to develop safety – oriented attitude as well as environmental awareness.

As a guarantee of best practice IREM S.p.A. implements and puts in place a Work Safety Management compliant with the regulations in force, provided in the Safety Manual and in the Operative Instruction and Procedures as a support.

The Occupational, Health and Safety management System has been certified by DNV according the UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 Standard and by KIWA NL according the SCC/VCA Petrochemical 2017/6.0 Checklist.
Certificate ISO 45001:2018 - Exp. 20/06/2023
Certificate Kiwa VCA - Exp. 01/08/2025
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