Syracuse. The sustainable benefits of Energy Transition in the Arethusa Industrial Cluster.

Press release IREM S.p.a. 12/05/2023


Energy transition in the aretusean industrial hub.




Bivona: "Achieving the goal of decarbonization through efficient use of economic resources and attention to social issues."


The Industrial Cluster's focus is on the impact of the transition to assess the range of viable options to achieve the goal of decarbonization, through efficient use of economic resources and a focus on social issues, which were debated this morning at the Confindustria Siracusa Public Assembly at the Irem SpA company headquarters on Via Stentinello in Syracuse, with the participation of Sicilian Regional President Renato Schifani and Minister of Business and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso.



«In April the proceedings Irem President Giovanni Musso, who did the honors in reviewing the value of the public assembly of Confindustria Syracuse.

The public assembly of Confindustria Syracuse saw national and regional policymakers discuss with entrepreneurs the "near future" of our economy linked to the Industrial Cluster, to safeguard the important heritage of skills and competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises.

«An issue that also has an impact on the regional economy, which requires visionary skills and must take into account the "time factor," as well as consider the economic resources to be put in place.

DAfter the video message from Confindustria President Carlo Bonomi, the opening of the proceedings by Diego Bivona, president of Confindustria Siracusa. "Only through the cohesion of all that we can achieve that results to bring back the Syracuse industrial zone to be declared a Strategic Site for the country, so it opens new perspectives, new attentions because especially at a time when companies face this great challenge of decarbonization they also need to be supported in the financing processes, facilitated from the point of view of financing and also followed in the authorization process that we know how difficult it is especially in our Region, so I come back to say, trust, in businesses because businesses have in their strategies to invest in our territory, put them in a position to use this opportunity," Bivona concluded.